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2019 Runway Trends

2019 Runway Trends

2019 Runway Trends for Women
If you are a woman who is curious about what is up and coming this year in fashion, then look no further. We have compiled for you the latest trends from the 2018 runways to help you get inspired and redesign your wardrobe.

1. Crop Tops

Call them crop-tops, mid-riffs, bra-tops or belly shirts – the previous year’s infatuation with them is making a rerun. Crop tops have become increasingly popular and we have seen them on runways by designers of all sorts. In fact, Bazaar has a compilation of these short blouses spotted on the runway that you can look at by clicking here.
Paired with high-waist skirts or trousers, midriffs add that perfect light, breezy and summery touch to your outfit.

2. Neon Shades

Colors with a high saturation provide an energetic and charismatic aura. Marc Jacobs, Sachin, Babl, Tom Ford, Carolina Herrera – they have all come out with their fashion statement and it is bright. Plenty of saturated, monochromatic shades were witnessed consistently on the runways and we think they are here to stay.

3. Japanese-Inspired Couture

The Japanese style has influenced the western world in more ways than just the Kimono. In fact, the Japanese fashion industry has been the biggest influencers on the fashion trends in the western world. Takashi Murakami, one of the biggest names in the Japanese fashion industry, has collaborated with Kylie Jenner, the most well-earned models of the west.
2018 carried that trend onwards and we see many Japan-inspired trends on the western runways; some of which include Sakura patterns, anime graphics, Kimono-inspired tops and intricate floral patterns.

4. Pastels Colors

Colors are very cunningly and effectively used by marketers and fashionistas alike, and pastel seems to be at the forefront of all the strategies employed by them. Color psychology declares pastel shades to be calming, tranquil and rejuvenating. They are the perfect color for spring, where they blend in effectively with the environment as opposed to the loud and brash feel of fully saturated colors.
So it was no surprise to see a lot of pastel on the runways in the year of 2018.

5. Geometric Patterns

The human mind is designed to seek a pattern in everything, even when it is not there; it is an innate attribute. The psychology of geometry is a whole subject on its own, so it is hardly a surprise that designers make use of geometry all the time.
We have noted that trend carries to 2018 as well. Take a look.

Lots of easy-on-the-eye trends to follow this year, so ladies, save up and start stocking your closets!