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On Three, Mommy and Me!

On Three, Mommy and Me!

Mommy and Me Sessions have become very popular. From a mother's perspective, having the opportunity to share the limelight is rare. Rare if you refuse to look back on memories of puppy dog selfies with your child's tongue sticking out and showing off what appears to be colored contacts. Be honest, a Snap filter doesn't really compliment the office well.

In our March Feature Collection, we show off some of the most adorable Mommy and Me swimsuits that ever graced the beach. Now is your time Hot Mama, get on the other side of that camera and show off the body you've been working all winter for. The added bonus, an opportunity to lead by example and show your little mini me what confidence looks like.

Whether a shoot by the pool or on a wilderness stroll, enjoy these fun tips on creating beautiful memories with the kiddos.

Choosing Outfits for Photos of Mother and Child

When choosing clothing for a mother and son/daughter photo shoot, keep it simple.

  • Stick to neutral colors such as navy blue, tan, and cream.
  • Try to avoid patterns to make sure the focus remains on you and your child(ren) instead of your outfit.Solid-colored clothing works the best.
  • Be considerate of the weather. A photo shoot with children may be challenging, but being uncomfortable in hot or cold weather with whining children may drive your to drink. Not to mention, most photographers charge a cancellation fee, rain or shine!

Ideas for Mommy and Me Photography Poses

The best photos seem to capture the bond between a mother and her child. Choosing an activity that takes the child's attention off of the camera is more likely to show a candid connection between a mother and her child.

If you're looking for a more engaging portrait, consider one of the following poses:

  • Story Time - A mother and child photo featuring you and your baby engaged in a special book makes for a memorable moment. Try to choose a familiar title that has a personal meaning, such as the book your mother read to you when you were a baby.
  • Playing - A great idea for an informal portrait is to take a picture of you playing with your kid(s). Photos of mother and child playing peek-a-boo, blowing bubbles, or playing catch are all awesome ways to capture your good side.
  • Sleeping - A soothing setting for a portrait is that of a mother and child lying side by side for a nap. Cuddle up with his/her favorite teddy bear or a special blanket as props if you wish.
  • Enjoying nature - Never underestimate the power of outdoor lighting, it can be quite flattering, which is why many professional family photos are taken outdoors. Consider a picture of you and your child taking a stroll in the park or on the beach. Botanical gardens and local parks are sure to provide just the backdrop that you need.

    Displaying Your Keepsake

    Now that the photo shoot is complete, the portraits from a mommy and me photography session can be enjoyed in many different ways.

    The obvious: Your photos can be framed and display in your home or added to a scrapbook of memories.

    The more creative: Many photographers also offer personalized items such as photo jewelry or perhaps an engraved wine glass featuring your favorite pic!

    No matter how you capture your precious moments, just remember to do it soon and often. They sure do grown up fast!