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Printed Leggings in Many Variations

Whatever the fashion statement may be...we've got a lot to say. We mean...a lot to choose from!

Waist Type: Mid
Length: Ankle-Length
Material: Cotton,Polyester
Fabric Type: Knitted
Styles: 15 colors

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K092 Khaki plaid
K092 Red plaid
K092 Plum blossom
K092 Silk scarves
K092 Guitar
Black white elephant
Blue white elephant
K092 Spider web
K092 Plover plaid
K092 Goldfish
K092 Blue plaid
K092 Orchid
K092 Cross
Gray green flower
K092 Love
1 red tea
2 gray flowers
3 khaki flowers
4 black white flower
5 Blue porcelain
6 white porcelain
7 blue embroidery
8 blue white peony
K092 Red Letters
K092 Flip Flop
K092 Navy Love
K092 Tetris
K092 Letters